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Spider Boom

Spider Boom

Spider boom is also called manual placing boom, it is a type that differs from the hydraulic placing boom. Spider boom needs operator to pull the rope to control the arms, adjust working radius or area. Make sure the concrete is delivered to the certain position and thus continuous casting. Small size, lightweight, easy to lift and transfer. The structure is stable and reliable, adopting 360-degree rotary jib fabric structure. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, flexible rotation, convenient pouring, high efficiency, energy saving, low cost, economical and practical.

Application of Spider Boom

Spider boom is applicable for some certain job sites that have restrictions on large placing boom and truck-mounted boom pump, or the building height is higher than a pump, such as high-rise residential buildings, commercial centers and so on. Truck mounted boom pump cannot reach some job site, including railway, water base. Because of the construction environment, truck-mounted boom pump cannot unfold the arms. Manual placing boom can be lifted to the job site through tower crane.

It is also applicable for the production of precast concrete structures inside and outside the room, the production of prefabricated bridges, bridge columns, highway fence, concrete floor, etc.

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