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Placing Boom Tower Type

Placing Boom Tower Type

The lattice tower type concrete boom, which combines tower body and boom, shows its respective advantages. The boom can place the concrete and the tower body can be lengthened by adding mast sections. It can rise along with the building by climbing frame and adding mast section. And it can adhere to the wall when the building is higher than mechanical free standing height.

The machine with 4 "R" folding designed arms can slew 360°with wide working range. And it is fully driven by hydraulic system that is flexible to fold and unfold.

Features of Placing Boom Tower Type

Equipped with the electro-hydraulic proportion control with the characteristics of mini-pulse and stable movement. The main electronic components are products of the world-famous brand, with high-quality.

1)Combine the function of tower and placing boom: With the rise of the building, the placing boom can increase the standard section by the own climbing frame. When the height is more the stationery height, the placing boom will attached to the wall.

2)The main electronic components are purchased from the world-famous brand: such as Scheider and Omron which make stable and reliable quality.

3)Two modes of operation: wireless remote control and cable remote control, easy to operate.

4)Flexible and quick up set-up: adopting electric-hydraulic proportional control to guarantee the placing boom more stable and the speed is adjustable. Four arms design. The machine is fully driven by hydraulic and slew flexibly, with wide working range. Arms adopt high strength steel plate which is stronger and lighter. Each column has universal interchangeability. When adding or reducing columns, it is more convenient to increase or decrease the conveying pipe and ladder.

5) Humanization design: the column has an octagonal cross section, lighter weight and greater bearing capacity.

6) Soud construction: The boom is a four-section arm made of high-strength steel plate with light weight and high strength. The corner of the arm reaches 210° and the cover the wider working range.

Application of Placing Boom Tower Type

Lattice tower type concrete placing boom is the perfect combination of tower body and boom assembly: which provides professional solutions for high buildings and large-scale constructions.  Equipped with hoisting mechanism and climbing frame, lattice tower type concrete placing boom can reach the height as required. Also it can rise along with the building by adding mast sections and tie-in . Main applications are those that can't be achieved by inner climbing type concrete placing boom, such as chimney, bridge, etc.

This hydraulic climbing type is ideal for high rise buildings, bridges and dams. Placed on tubular columns, they can climb up automatically with self-climbing device, enabling the concrete to be delivered exceptionally fast and cost-effectively.

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