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Placing Boom for Precast

Placing Boom for Precast

Placing boom for precast is a type which is specially designed for precast yard, and suitable for precast beams, columns, highway barriers, floor slabs, etc.  Compared with traditional manual concrete pouring, placing boom for precast can advance work efficiency ,improve benefits of economic. and Reduce much more labor intensity problem. In the process of large area concrete placement ,can avoid construction of cold front.

TRUEMAX booms can adapt to different location. For placing booms in elevator shafts, the telescopic supports designed by TRUEMAX have an independent climbing system that can satisfy installation in elevator shafts or on curved walls of different dimensions.

Features of Placing Boom for Precast

Double-layer wear-resistant delivery pipes extend service life up to 30,000-50,000m³, which is 3-5 times the service life of ordinary delivery pipes.the arms adopt the design of lightweight, and can rotate horizontally. The machine is driven by hydraulic system with simple structure, easy to operate and maintain. It adopts circular column with strong carrying capacity, little shake. Also it has the ladder and the retainer of platform, which is convenient for servicer to maintain and service. The delivery pipe made of 45Mn2 material has longer lifetime, which means lower exchanging frequency and higher work efficiency. And we adopt the products of world-famous brands as our main electronic and hydraulic components to ensure the quality.

To make sure the smooth construction, we equip two modes of operation, cable remote control and wireless remote control. It can be switched to another mode quickly when one mode fails. The connection to the foundation also has different types, such as embedded leg and bolt, and it can be designed according to the actual situation of work site to meet the different requirements. Adopting removable foundation which can remove as a whole without disassembly for easy moving, it can be used quickly. And the action of the arm frame is double linkage type, Slewing range achieve 360°And the rotary way is gear rotation. which can operate two arms at the same time. It can greatly save time and improve the work efficiency.

At TRUEMAX, we value our users' safety. The balance valve control has precise placing and boom self-locking functions, which effectively prevent accidental falls of booms. Truemax ensure the quality of placing boom for precast, and we have got European standard CE certification with International standard ISO certification. Also in each product delivery will also be adjusted to ensure quality, This is a guarantee to the customer.

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