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Mobile Placing Boom

Mobile Placing Boom

Mobile placing boom consists of the boom assembly, swing system, under frame, counterweights, delivery pipelines, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on. With the folding or unfolding of the 3 boom sections controlled by hydraulic system, and the swinging of the swing system, the end-hose of the delivery pipelines can reach wherever concrete placement is needed. Compare with manual placing boom, the mobile placing boom can reach higher, because the arm is controlled by hydraulic.

Features of Mobile Placing Boom

The hydraulic system features an overflow valve to prevent any of the working mechanisms from overload. And the cylinders are fitted with hydraulic locks to ensure the safety of the placing boom and the personnel. The electrical system provides with console control and cable remote control, between which there is interlock function for safety operation.

This mobile concrete placing boom is a concrete placer for combined use with a concrete pump in concrete placement operations. It can be widely used in the construction of various types of concrete structures like industrial and civil buildings, bridges, roads, and other types of infrastructure. For 17M placicng boom, there is  also another choice with wheels, can be moved very easy. And very suitable for warehouse,villa,tunnel, and metro construction. All of these mobile placing boom with cable remote control and wireless remote control, it is very easy to operate.

Application of Mobile Placing Boom

This equipment can only be used in concrete construction operations, but not in any other operations, like dragging, moving, or hoisting heavy articles or personnel. The equipment is also not allowed to be used in any location where any combustible or explosive material exists or a cave-in may occur.

A crane is needed to position the placing boom, but it is necessary to make sure that the crane has adequate lifting capability before lifting. The max.lifting weight and tipload must be suitable for lift the placing boom.

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