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Inner Climbing Placing Boom

Inner Climbing Placing Boom

TRUEMAX column inner climbing concrete hydraulic placing boom is TRUEMAX star product in all TRUEMAX products range. Because of the automatic climbing mechanism which is equipped in placing boom, it can be climbed by hydraulic cylinder and lifting as the building rise its height. It can be connected with concrete stationary pump as a concrete equipment for delivery and placing the concrete. It is a professional concrete delivery equipment and it is very efficient to delivery concrete to any available location for continuous placing concrete by pipe.

Features of Inner Climbing Placing Boom

It is enlarger the pumping range and solve the difficulties of placing concrete on wall. It has been more and more used in the high rising building project in modern city. Placing boom can climb through climbing mechanism as the floor raised instead of manual transport, dismantling and connecting pipes, saves time and more efficient. Only need 1-2 workers to control arms through a radio remote control and cable remote control. Within the working range, it can pour concrete accurately without any interrupt, so as to shorten the concrete pouring time, improve work efficiency and casting quality, reduce the labor intensity.

Models of Inner Climbing Placing Boom

Now TRUEMAX promote four models of column inner climbing type concrete hydraulic placing boom: PB28A-3R-II, PB32A-3R-II, PB33A-4R-II and PB35A-4R-E. Regarding to these models, the boom is divided into three sections or four sections and R-type folding design. They are fully hydraulically driven and flexible to expand the boom. The angle of rotation of the boom is large, and the placing range is wide. The boom structure is made of high-strength steel plate and less weight. The whole machine is modular pin connection design. The pins are quickly connected between the modules, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly and fast transportation. TRUEMAX project reference is more than 120 countries. TRUE TO MAX, TRUST US.

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