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Since the "One Belt And One Road" initiative was put forward in 2013, the concept has been gradually transformed into action and the vision into reality. The "One Belt And One Road" construction has also brought a broad market space for Chinese construction machinery. The countries along the "One Belt And One Road" are full of Chinese enterprises' mechanical placing boom.

Recently, internationalization process of XCMG has made a new breakthrough in its internationalization process. The number of countries and regions exporting products has expanded to 182. From planning and layout, to taking root, to deep cultivation and meticulous work, XCMG has demonstrated to the world the strong power of China with "quality" and escorting with "technology". In the countries along the "One Belt And One Road", mechanical placing boom of XCMG have the first export share in 30 countries.

XCMG nuggets "One Belt And One Road"

Under the guidance of XCMG internationalization strategy, XCMG concrete machinery grasps market opportunities and accelerates the pace of internationalization. With the brand advantages of "XCMG" and "SCHWING", the company has increased its overseas market development, assisted the infrastructure construction of countries along the "One Belt And One Road", and won high recognition from clients like the launching ceremony of the export of 100 concrete machines of XCMG, project batch launch of South Asia, the launching ceremony of the first batch of equipment for China construction overseas project favored by XCMG.

XCMG is popular with "One Belt And One Road"

More and more concrete machinery of XCMG is exported to countries along "One Belt And One Road", supporting infrastructure development of them. High product quality, low energy consumption, good stability and good service are important reasons for clients to choose XCMG brand.
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