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Specification of Concrete Placement Process System

Specification of Concrete Placement Process System Specification of Concrete Placement Process System

Specifications for concrete placement systems include the following:

1. Before concrete pouring, the concrete volume should be calculated 3 days in advance and reported to the commercial mixing station.

2. Prepare 4 vibrating rods, 3 for field use and 1 for emergency use.

3. The tank truck of concrete truck keeps turning during transportation.

4. The first truck of concrete is cement mortar with the same proportion as the original one.

5. When pouring stairs, communicate well with mixing station in advance and transport concrete pouring with a smaller slump.
6. If the concrete types of shear walls and beams and slabs are different, the owners and supervision requirements are stricter, and different concrete cannot be mixed together. At this time, the shear wall should be poured first. After the concrete of the shear wall is filled, the concrete of the beam and slab should be poured quickly without vibration. When the concrete of the beam and slab is poured into the shear wall, it will vibrate together. The concrete of the shear wall and beam slab can be separated well. When the shear wall concrete in one place needs to be poured in another place after the completion of the concrete pouring, the outlet of the concrete pump pipe is quickly packed in gunny bags to prevent the concrete of the shear wall from mixing with the concrete of the beam and slab.

7. Send a special person to elevate the concrete face around the shear wall and the root of the wall column, and control the flatness within 3 mm, so as to facilitate the closure of the shear wall in the later stage.

8. It is forbidden to add water to the tank truck, and it is suggested to send a special person on duty beside the tank truck.

9. If a small amount of honeycomb and hemp surface is found after demolition, we use 107 glue water treatment with proper internal parameters of white cement and black cement with a volume ratio of 1:3.
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