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Rules for Operation of Shotcrete Trucks for Grouting in Various Construction Sites

Rules for Operation of Shotcrete Trucks for Grouting in Various Construction Sites Rules for Operation of Shotcrete Trucks for Grouting in Various Construction Sites

The stationary concrete shotcrete truck combines three technologies: stationary concrete pumps, air compressor system and accelerator system. It is a product with high technology content and great difficulty to realize technology in concrete machinery. It is mainly used in railway, highway tunnel, emergency and other fields of Engineering construction. The basic technology is to use hydraulic pressure to transport ready-mixed concrete through pipeline to spray gun, to inject compressed air and accelerating agent into the nozzle, and then to spray concrete to the sprayed surface at high speed, and to form a concrete supporting layer after rapid solidification and hardening. With the large-scale development of modern engineering construction, in recent years, the market demand of shotcrete truck has been rapidly enlarged, and the requirement of construction efficiency has become higher and higher. The construction efficiency of tunnel shotcrete truck is reflected not only in the process of shotcrete operation, but also in the flexibility of products.

Safety Operat
ing Regulations for Concrete Shotcrete Machines:
1. Pipeline installation should be correct and the connection should be firm and sealed. Pipeline should be set in the groove when passing through the road.

2. When starting the shotcrete machine, compressed air should be sent first, and the motor rotates in the right direction before it can feed. Stop feeding first, then stop the motor, and finally stop the air supply.

3. The sprayer should keep its interior clean and dry, and the aggregate added should meet the requirements.

4. Mechanical operation and sprayer should be closely coordinated, and air supply, feeding, shutdown, air shutdown and blockage should be mutually adjusted and coordinated.

5. No one is allowed to stand in front or left or right of the sprayer during the spraying operation. When the spraying stops, the sprinkler head should not be directed in the direction of the person.
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