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Prohibition of Stationary Concrete Pump Construction

Prohibition of Stationary Concrete Pump Construction Prohibition of Stationary Concrete Pump Construction

First, pumping equipment should be placed at a distance from the edge of the foundation pit.

Second, when the wind force is greater than grade 6 or above, the stationary concrete pumps shall not be used in concrete pumps. When the weather is hot, wet sacks and warm straw bales should be used to cover the pipeline.
Third, horizontal pumping pipeline laying line is reasonable, pipeline and pipeline support must be tightened and reliable, pipeline joint should be sealed and reliable.

Fourth, sandstone particle size, cement label and mix proportion should meet the requirements of stationary concrete pumps. When pumping, the material in the hopper should be higher than the height of the suction inlet to prevent the suction air from hurting people.

Fifth, it is strictly forbidden to install the vertical pipe directly on the output port of the pump. The front end of the vertical pipe should be installed with a horizontal pipe of not less than 10 m in length, and the horizontal pipe should be installed with a check valve near the pump.

Sixth, the parking brake and locking brake of pumping equipment should be used at the same time, and the tire should be wedged. The cooling water supply is normal, the water tank should be filled with clean water, there should be no impurities in the hopper, and the lubrication points should be normal.
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