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Pay Attention to These Technical Parameters When Purchasing Concrete Pump Truck!

Pay Attention to These Technical Parameters When Purchasing Concrete Pump Truck! Pay Attention to These Technical Parameters When Purchasing Concrete Pump Truck!

In the concrete pump truck market, there are a variety of consumers, including construction companies, concrete suppliers, as well as leasing enterprises and individuals specializing in pump car leasing. When you buy concrete pump truck, you need to refer to the length of the boom, operating system and concrete pump truck capacity and pump truck related technical parameters in the actual operation, you need to pay attention to. Look at it together.

Concrete pump truck capacity
The theoretical pumping volume is the theoretical parameter of concrete pump truck pumping system. It is the pumping force under the condition of pumpable concrete having the best slump, the pumping system can achieve 100% suction rate and pumping force under the condition of low-pressure pumping. However, it is impossible to meet the above conditions in actual construction. The concrete pump truck capacity is inversely proportional to the pumping concrete pressure, which mainly depends on the constant power point of the pumping system, the working state of the distribution boom and the unavoidable shutdown and intermission time in the actual construction.

2. Chassis is the power source of the pump truck

Chassis has different models and qualities according to the length of the concrete pump truck boom. Most pumping cars under 32m use domestic chassis, which has poor performance in maneuverability, comfort, instrument display, and control signals, but the price is relatively cheap. Whether the instrument display or the control signal is processed by computer, the chassis will alarm automatically if it fails. In addition, in the process of pumping, the chassis speed control signal is transmitted directly to the computer through the corresponding input module.
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