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New Measures Commonly Used in Safe and Civilized Construction Site

New Measures Commonly Used in Safe and Civilized Construction Site New Measures Commonly Used in Safe and Civilized Construction Site

First, Working Principle and Advantages

1. Working principle:

The self climbing placing boom is mainly used for concrete distribution in high-rise buildings. By fixing the distributor in the elevator well and integrating with the elevator well operation platform, equipping with automatic climbing mechanism, using hydraulic cylinder to lift, the distributor climbs automatically in the elevator well, making the distributor rise with the rise of the floor, realizing the adjustment of the outlet position by folding and turning the boom.

2. Advantages:

Continuous cloth, reduce material segregation, significantly improve work efficiency, no work blind area. After installation, the overall stability is good. It is an ideal equipment for concrete pouring to change the disadvantages of the former distributor, such as large vibration, affecting the stability of the formwork support system, improper installation, easy dumping and material waste.

Second, Safety management

1. The operation and maintenance of self climbing placing boom should be the same as other large-scale equipment, meeting the general safety requirements, such as not installing, lifting and disassembling operations in case of blurred vision, thunderstorm, heavy snow, dense fog and wind speed exceeding 7.8m/s (Category 4 wind).

2. The operation platform in the elevator shaft shall be fixed on the standard section of the distributor and lifted synchronously with the distributor. The clearance between the edge of the operation platform and the structure shall not be greater than 100 mm.
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