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Knowledge Of  Cloth

Knowledge Of Cloth Knowledge Of  Cloth

Concrete spreader is the end equipment of pumping concrete. Its function is to send the pumped concrete into formwork which is to be poured for building elements. According to different pouring environment and individual requirements of concrete construction, it can be divided into the following categories:

(1) Concrete spider placing boom

Brief introduction of concrete spider placing boom(cloth rod). Concrete spreader is a new product which is developed for expanding the range of concrete pouring and improving the mechanization level of pumping construction. It is the supporting equipment of concrete conveying pump connected with concrete conveying pump that expands the scope of concrete pumping. It effectively solves the problem of wall pouring cloth, and plays an important role in improving construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity. This kind of cloth machine design is reasonable, the structure is stable and reliable, with 360 ° rotating arm posture of fabric structure. The machine is of easy operation, flexible rotation, with characteristics of high efficiency. It is energy saving, economic, and practical. 

(2)Stationary concrete spreader

Stationary concrete spreader: Special concrete pouring and distributing equipment designed and produced for the construction of railway girder making plant and nuclear power plant; Within the length range of the boom, the three-dimensional space can be fully poured without casting dead Angle. It can conveniently pour concrete for construction work wall, pipe, column, pile, etc.

(3)Internal climbing concrete spreader

Internal climbing concrete spreader is distributing equipment used for concrete construction of high-rise buildings. It automatically climbs in the elevator shaft, making the feeder increase with the rise of the floor, saving time and effort. It is of high efficiency.
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