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In Final Review Of Results, Which Kind Of  "Black Technology" Appear?

In Final Review Of Results, Which Kind Of "Black Technology" Appear? In Final Review Of Results, Which Kind Of  "Black Technology" Appear?

The final evaluation will be given to a total of 188 scientific and technological achievements recommended by the five secondary units (27 are construction organization design (scheme), 44 are engineering construction methods, 60 are "five small" achievements and 57 are papers). In the end, the conference will recommend 1 corporate excellent construction organization design, 10 excellent construction plans, 14 engineering construction methods, 24 excellent "five small" achievements and 23 excellent papers for the year of 2018, a total of 72 projects. 

This year's application for company-level scientific and technological achievements has been officially launched since mid-september, and has been recommended, evaluated and selected through four links: primary recommendation of secondary units, review of company forms, initial evaluation of internal experts and final review of the company. In this application work, the company takes "improving quality and emphasizing innovation" as the core, for the first time, the elimination rate of the first review of secondary units should not be less than 10%. A total of 5 primary review meetings should be held to ensure the gold content and innovative quality of the recommended results. The company has mobilized 24 internal experts to check and evaluate the results.

Self climbing placing boom

The self climbing placing boom is equipped with automatic climbing mechanism, which can automatically climb in the elevator shaft by hydraulic cylinder jacking, so that the spreader can lift by itself. It has large radius of operation, without the need for secondary movement, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of concrete operation, ensures safety, reduces artificial with great promotion value.
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