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How to Control the Pumping Displacement of Stationary Concrete Pump Reasonably?

How to Control the Pumping Displacement of Stationary Concrete Pump Reasonably? How to Control the Pumping Displacement of Stationary Concrete Pump Reasonably?

With the continuous development of social economy, the existence of stationary concrete has gradually become the focus of many engineering construction. Of course, the concrete use effect of stationary concrete pumps has also become an important existence of widespread concern. How to use concrete pumps reasonably is the key point our company has grasped for many years. The following is the way and method of stationary concrete pumps to control pumping displacement.

First, mechanical regulation can change pump displacement by changing the opening size of throttle valve manually. The advantage is low cost, but the disadvantage is that it has to be adjusted manually on the vehicle. It is inconvenient to use Yao controller to work far away from the pump car, and the adjustment accuracy is low.

Secondly, the engine speed adjusts the engine speed to change the displacement of the main pump, which leads to the change of the pumping speed of the stationary concrete pump and realizes the pumping displacement control. The change of engine speed also changes the movement speed of the distribution rod, which may become an irreconcilable contradiction in construction.

When the construction of fine stone concrete stationary concrete pump is almost finished, when the final concrete in the hopper is finished, remove the clamp from the front diameter pipe and remove the diameter pipe. Then find a plastic nylon bag and knead it into the pipe. Then put the cleaning ball into the pipe and add a nylon bag after the cleaning ball. Then refill the diameter pipe and pour water into the hopper. Start pumping water so that the concrete residue in the pipeline can be cleaned basically. If you can use another cleaning ball, it would be better. The basic order is: nylon bag plus cleaning ball plus nylon bag plus cleaning ball. This arrangement method then the equipment runs and starts to wash with water. When the pipe delivers the bag and cleaning ball, the cleaning is finished.
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