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Fine Stationary Concrete Pump with Good Performance and Affordable Price

Fine Stationary Concrete Pump with Good Performance and Affordable Price Fine Stationary Concrete Pump with Good Performance and Affordable Price

Fine stone concrete pump is a special mechanical equipment for conveying cement fine stone mortar and cement concrete. Compared with manual conveyance, it has the characteristics of high construction efficiency, economy, environmental protection and safety. Because of that fine stone stationary concrete pump price is economic, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the construction efficiency is high and failure rate is low, it has been unanimously praised by the constructors. It is the preferred equipment for floor warm pouring at present.

Technical Advantage of Fine Stone Stationary Concrete Pump

Labor saving: the highest fine stone mortar can be pumped from the ground to the floor 300 meters high, saving manual labor;

Time-saving: 40 cubic meters of fine stone mortar can be pumped continuously to the destination working face at the fastest speed per hour; speed up the progress of the project;

Double panel control system: Pump panel control system and wireless remote control are used to operate the equipment, and the wireless remote control induction distance can reach more than 100 meters.

Safety and environmental protection: Fine stone concrete pump transports materials from the pump body to the pouring surface by means of conveyor pipes. The arrangement of conveyor pipes is little affected by the surrounding environment and does not pollute the environment. Hangzhou Pirui Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a supplier of concrete pumps. Welcome to purchase.
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