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Current Situation of Concrete Pump Truck and Mixer Truck Industry in China-1

Current Situation of Concrete Pump Truck and Mixer Truck Industry in China-1 Current Situation of Concrete Pump Truck and Mixer Truck Industry in China-1

1. The market is growing rapidly in general, but the seasonal fluctuation is obvious.

Because concrete pump truck and mixer truck have a series of advantages in construction operation, such as labor-saving, fast construction speed, flexible transition, timely quality assurance (such as meeting the different requirements of special additives, slump, special mixing ratio) and high pouring quality. In recent years, with the acceleration of China's economic construction, many large construction projects have been started one after another. With the introduction of policies and regulations prohibiting the use of on-site mixing concrete in urban areas, the demand for concrete machinery in the market has increased dramatically. Thus, concrete pump supplier, which is engaged in concrete machinery production, has great development prospects.

At the same time, considering the following two factors, China concrete pump supplier will maintain a sustained growth trend in the future. First, China's current urbanization rate is less than 50%. There is still a big gap between China and developed countries (the urbanization rate of developed countries is more than 70%). In the next decade, China will continue to increase at a rate of 1 percentage point per year, adding 14 million new urban population each year. Many cities will also carry out large-scale urban transformation. Second, concrete machinery, like other construction machinery, is a traditional industry with relatively mature technology and a mixed industry of technology-intensive and labor-intensive. After decades of development, China has formed a relatively perfect concrete machinery industry, and the technology and quality of products are increasingly recognized by the world.
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