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Concrete Spider Placing Boom

Concrete Spider Placing Boom Concrete Spider Placing Boom

Concrete spider placing boom is the end equipment of pumping concrete. Its function is to send the pumped concrete into formwork which is to be poured for building elements. The combined motion of the slewing frame can cover all the cloth points within the radius of the cloth. The concrete spreader is used in the double block sleeper ring production line, and the concrete spreader is carried on in the 4 1 double block sleeper mold. Concrete feeder adopts Siemens PLC controller and German SEW variable frequency drive technology, with emergency brake device and cleaning device, the equipment is of safe and reliable, easy to clean and maintain.

Matters needing attention of concrete spider placing boom:

(1)Check whether the site has sufficient working space, and the working face should be smooth and solid, without soft collapse.

(2)The vertical frame of the cloth distributing machine should be tightened and fixed with 4 wire ropes of no less than 10mm, and it should not be tilted. Bolts (or clamps) for wire rope ends are to be tightened (locked) with internal beam bars and should not be fixed on the vertical reinforcement.

(3)When using the tower crane to lift the feeder, the manual pipe must be folded back and fixed firmly with the main girder. After arriving at the designated place, all the fixed steel ropes of the feeder must be fixed and tightened to make the feeder stable. Then the hanger hook of the tower crane can be removed.
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