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Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete Pump Truck Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump truck consists of five parts: boom, pump, hydraulic, support and electronic control. There are five main control modes of concrete pump truck electric control system: mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical, programmable controller and logic circuit. In addition to the electrical control system installed on concrete pump truck to complete the control task, there is also a manual control system installed on concrete pump truck, which is also a part of the control system.

In December 2008, ZOOMLION acquired CIFA from Italy and became the world's largest manufacturer of concrete equipment. The longest pumping truck in the world, the strongest research institute in China (National Institute of Construction Machinery), is a 101-meter super-long boom pumping truck manufactured by ZOOMLION in Hunan Province, China, which has been put into operation successfully. Concrete pump truck capacity 200m/h (262yd/h), equipped with large-caliber conveyor cylinder, has good suction performance, fewer commutation times, and prolongs the life of vulnerable parts. Computer energy-saving control, automatic power matching, average energy-saving 20%. It integrates many advanced technologies such as automatic high-low switching, automatic return of concrete piston, GPS and so on. Front pendulum multi-stage telescopic leg and one-sided support are suitable for narrow site construction. The vibration reduction technology of the boom extends the service life of the boom and improves the operational performance of the end hose.
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