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Concrete Plant Mixing Equipment Development And Planning

Concrete Plant Mixing Equipment Development And Planning Concrete Plant Mixing Equipment Development And Planning

Our company has been committed to the research and development of concrete plant mixing equipment. Among them, the earliest ready mix concrete plant equipment was developed in foreign countries. Before the 1990s, highway base material in China was mainly the construction technology of road mix. In the early 1990s, with the vigorous rise of highway construction, ready mix concrete plant equipment of China gained rapid development and expansion, and manufacturers gradually increased.

The ready mix concrete plant equipment manufactured in China fully meets the requirements of construction specifications in terms of basic technical performance. Therefore, in the current market, concrete plant mix equipment which is used is most from domestic manufacturers. Compared with other pavement machinery products, the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment in China is superior. But from the overall point of view, our country's manufacturers still have shortcomings such as low technical grade, small series of specifications, and inadequate scale of primary manufacturing. Some enterprises have not grasped the core technology of products by drawing product patterns.

The general trend of equipment development in ready mix concrete plant equipment can be summarized as follows: equipment upsizing, structure scale, dynamic moisture content control. In the future, concrete plant mixing equipment development is still promising.
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