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Concrete Placing Boom [Three-Bearing Rotation] has been Well Received

Concrete Placing Boom [Three-Bearing Rotation] has been Well Received Concrete Placing Boom [Three-Bearing Rotation] has been Well Received

Spider Placing Boom 

The spider placing boom, as an auxiliary equipment of concrete pump, is connected by standard conveying pipes, which is just like a manipulator which can quickly and accurately deliver to any pouring part of the working surface and pour continuously. It solves the problem of material distribution in concrete conveying, greatly reduces the labor intensity, and improves the construction progress and quality.

The spider placing boom is different from hydraulic distributor and electric distributor. It mainly operates manually and pulls rope to adjust the radius or orientation of distributor. It has the characteristics of small size, low cost, flexibility and convenience.

The spider placing boom - --- Our factory has been using square steel or circular pipe structure, arms, standard bearings, wear-resistant pipelines, large counterweight box, etc., to enhance the stability and availability of the equipment. Rotation is light, 360 degree positive and negative full rotation. It can adjust the distribution radius and change the distribution orientation arbitrarily by simply pulling the rope. It is one of the ideal equipments for engineering construction.
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