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Truck Mounted Boom Pump

Truck Mounted Boom Pump

Truck mounted boom pump, in conjunction with concrete truck mixer, is used for delivery of concrete. It is widely used in placing concrete of pier, lower storey housing, etc. Our featured products are characterized by safety, function, easy maintenance, economical and environmental friendly, innovation. Their share markets across East Africa, South Asia, and South America.


1)X outrigger are much stable
2)Arm operating valve used load sensitive ratio controlling valve control arms, increase stability, reduce possibility of truck pump turn over.
3)Arm made by high strength steel plate, make sure the deliver arm very stable when pumping.


1. high pumping output
2. Big concrete cylinder with 260mm diameter
3. high pumping speed. Our speed is 26 times per minute, other brand is 23 times per minute.
4. Our arm adapts RZ type, wide working range, flexible, with high strength material, the strength can reach 900MPa.
5. Human-computer interface can monitor the status of pump. Easy to find the problem and maintenance.

Easy Maintenance

1.Long life service of wearing parts, and can replace with Sany and Zoomlion.
1.1)Glass plate and cutting ring made from hard metal.
1.2)Electrical element and hydraulic element all use famous brand, like Rexroth, Schneider.
2.Both of pistons the same time back to water tank, easy to replace piston, and maintenance, and safety.
3.Prevent oil return device, no need to empty the oil tank when replace the oil pipe.
3.1)Can save the hydraulic oil
3.2)Environmental protection

Economical and Environmental-friendly

1. Accelerator automatic adjustment system = fuel consumption = 0.6 L/CBM, which is lower than congener product. Decreasing amplitude = 10%
2. Diameter 260mm delivery cylinder, higher material suction. Decrease redirection time.
3. PTO which has long service life, there is no fault after 2,000 hours continuous operation, the most efficient and good performance at output.
4. Chassis Option: ISUZU or HOWO, European III, National Standard V


1.Double-piston return in one time by one button.
2.Φ260mm delivery cylinder comparing to other brands φ230mm, with higher material suction can decrease direction switch time, to have higher wearing-resistance appearance.
3.Double assembly ring, higher quality, higher wearing resistance. Glass plate and cutting ring.
4.Anti-back flaw device
5.Boost-stirring technology

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