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Stationary Concrete Pump

Stationary Concrete Pump

The proportional control technology is introduced into the concrete pump, to change the pumping volume by regulating the magnitude of the control current. And the pumping capacity can be adjusted continuously within the range of  0-100 m3 to adapt to different working conditions.

The computer control engine power matching technology real-time to provide better power and operation match under all work conditions, so the fuel consumption drops more than10%.  Just turn the electrical control button, the high and low pumping pressure switch will be completed in a flash, you can even switch in the pumping process according to needs.

Features of Stationary Concrete Pump

When pumping concrete, if the left concrete cylinder is connected with the hopper, the right concrete cylinder is connected with the distribution valve under the drive of the main oil cylinder and the distribution valve oil cylinder. If the oil pressure causes the left side concrete cylinder to move backward, the concrete in the hopper is sucked into the side concrete cylinder (suction tank), and the oil pressure causes the right side concrete cylinder piston to move forward. The concrete in the side concrete cylinder (discharge cylinder) is pushed into the distributing valve and transported to the pouring site through the concrete conveying pipeline.

When the left side concrete cylinder piston moves backward to the stroke terminal, the reversing device in the water tank is triggered, the two main oil cylinders are changed direction, the distributing valve cylinder connects the distributing valve to the left side concrete cylinder, and the side concrete cylinder piston moves forward. The concrete is pushed into the distributing valve, and the right side concrete cylinder is connected with the hopper, and the piston of the side concrete cylinder is moved backward, and the concrete is inhaled into the concrete cylinder. When the piston of the left concrete cylinder moves backward to the stroke terminal, the reversing device is triggered, the oil cylinder is reversed, and the piston of the right concrete cylinder is pushed forward to start the next round of pumping cycle, thereby realizing continuous pumping of concrete. The above case is a positive pumping state of concrete.

Adopt 170mm diameter main cylinder to ensure higher pumping outlet pressure, to stop the loss and interruption caused by construction plugging, and to have a high-reliability structure at the end of the cylinder. The utility model also has the anti-pumping function of the rod cavity and the rodless cavity and can switch the oil in at will, and the utility model can be used as a means of removing the blocking pipe when the short tube blocking phenomenon occurs. The cylinder pipe is added with special configuration, which achieves the lowest no-load pressure in the industry and reflects the excellent performance of the equipment system.

Wearing Parts with Long Service Life

the spectacle plate and cutting ring are made of a hard alloy material and are made by the special process. The service life is twice of ordinary material life and is superior to the life of imported products. the new type cemented carbide spectacle plate and cutting ring, have longer When the concrete pump does not pump smoothly, blocks occur or the pump (or pump truck) needs to be suspended and the concrete in the conveying pipe (or distributing rod) is pumped back to the hopper, the distribution valve can be controlled by the hydraulic system so that the suction cylinder mouth is connected with the conveying pipe. Thus, the concrete material can be pumped into the concrete cylinder block. The concrete cylinder in the discharging station is pumped back into the hopper. After the suction and discharge action is completed synchronously, the distribution valve commutates, and the next suction and discharge process is started, thereby realizing the continuous working cycle of reverse pumping. service life.

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