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Line Pump

Line Pump

Truck mounted line pump, also called truck mounted concrete pump, is the concrete pump mounted on the truck for flexible movement and high pressure concrete pumping to the construction place. It provides both the pump truck and the trailer concrete pump advantages. It is the ideal concrete pump machine for highly mobile, compact and affordable units in housing building, highway, bridge and tunnel construction projects.

As a member of the concrete pumping equipment, truck mounted line pump has entered a period of rapid development with the strengthening of urban traffic management and the development of the concrete pumping equipment rental business, coupled with its good maneuverability. With the advancement of science and technology, the application of new materials and new processes, and the need of engineering construction, on-board pumps are developing in the direction of high pressure, large displacement, high reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, intelligence, and electromechanical and hydraulic integration control.

Features of Concrete Line Pump

Dongfeng series chassis, quality and service are both guaranteed, after service network covering most of area of the world.
DEUTZ diesel engine, with low speed big torque, fast acceleration starting; small volume and light weight; low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption, long repairing interval cycle, low operating cost; emission China V; high reliability with low cost.
Using the largest large displacement integrated hydraulic integration block in the industry. Compact design can reduce system liquid resistance and system temperature rise.
The hydraulic system consists of three pumps, which drive the main cylinder, the swing cylinder and the mixing motor, respectively. Dual loop is characterized by a stable system.

Model Features of Truck Mounted Line Pump

HBC100.18.186D can work equal to 5 stationary pumps, connected to 3-5 pipe line and placing booms at the same time, and meet the relay pumping construction of multiple sites. The reasonable use of a truck pump can achieve 5 pumps benefit. Stationary pump is generally fixed in a site; the time cost to transit it from one jobsite to another is far more than the operation time. The Truck-mounted Line Pump utilization rate is very high; the monthly output of concrete is more than 12000CBM, high and quick returns.

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