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The Concrete Machinery Market is Expected to Continue to Grow in the Next Three Years-2

The Concrete Machinery Market is Expected to Continue to Grow in the Next Three Years-2 The Concrete Machinery Market is Expected to Continue to Grow in the Next Three Years-2

Since 2016, concrete machinery corporation has undergone both positive changes on the supply side and the demand side. On the supply side, the renewal demand for pump trucks is estimated with a 10-year retention period. 2016 was the turning point of the supply of retained quantity, and it is expected to start the process of capacity contraction for about 5 years. On the demand side, PPP-driven capital investment and real estate investment are quite resilient, and still maintain rapid growth, resulting in a gradual improvement in the industry. From the micro point of view, the superimposed demand for continuous clearance of equipment in the industry has improved, the investment recovery period of equipment in stock and equipment in the loan has been shortened, and the utilization rate of equipment capacity has been gradually improved.

Concrete machinery corporation produces concrete machinery products as a post-cycle product, which lags behind the excavator slightly. Since this year, concrete machinery products have increased rapidly. The concrete machinery industry has undergone a five-year adjustment since its peak in 2012. Digestion of stock equipment, cash withdrawal, and balance sheet repair have become the top priorities. The stock of equipment accumulated during the peak period of 2011-2012 will be gradually digested and completed in 2017-2018. With the digestion of stock equipment completed, overdue loans are gradually recovered. The pressure on the balance sheet of the main engine plant is relieved, thus contributing to the performance.
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