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Assembly Type Construction Production Line Equipment

Assembly Type Construction Production Line Equipment Assembly Type Construction Production Line Equipment

1.The concept

The manual concrete placing boom is a machine that evenly and quantitatively in a mold for a concrete member. 

2.Equipment composition

It is composed of double beam walking frame, cart walking mechanism, trolley walking mechanism, concrete hopper, safety device, pneumatic system, cleaning device and electrical control system.

3.Function introduction

Manual concrete placing boom can make the cloth even according to the drawing size and design thickness requirements by the program control. It has the functions of plane two-coordinate motion control and longitudinal hopper lifting and lowering. The control system has a computer interface, realizing the function of reading drawing data directly from the computer system in the central control room. Cloth machine adopts whole cloth, which is quick and easy to operate. The hopper volume of the feeder is about 3m³, and the walking speed is infinitely adjustable. The distributor is equipped with a cleaning platform, a high-pressure water gun and a sewage tank, which is convenient for cleaning and sewage recovery. The feeder can be controlled manually and automatically. Hopper with concrete weighing device.
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